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This version release history is anecdotal and based on an incomplete archive of earlier versions of the Anti-masonry FAQ. It is not a log.
Anti-masonry FAQ
Version release history

v. 1.0 1997/05/26 version privately circulated for comment
v. 1.1 n.d.
v. 1.2 n.d.
v. 1.3 n.d.
v. 1.4 1997/09/30 uploaded to <members.uniserve.com/~ttrevor/anti-masonry_faq.html>
v. 1.5 1997/11/12 added response to Big Book of Conspiracies
v. 2.0 1998/01/27 converted to HTML
v. 2.1 1998/10/01
v. 2.2 n.d.
v. 2.2.1a 1999/10/17 corrected typographical errors
v. 2.2.1b 2000/03/08 moved to <freemasonry.bc.ca>
v. 2.3 2000/11/06
v. 2.4 2000/08/04 added HTML links
v. 2.5 2000/11/26 added to Sec. VII
v. 2.6 2001/04/17 divided contents into separate pages for each heading
v. 2.7 n.d. added further HTML links
v. 2.8 2001/11/25 added notes on rebuilding Solomon’s Temple
v. 2.8.1 2001/10/07 added to Albert Pike notes
v. 2.8.2 n.d. added to list of non-masons
v. 2.8.3 2001/12/30 expanded religion section
v. 2.8.4 2001/12/30 added notes on the Priory of Sion and the Alta Vendita
v. 2.8.5 2002/02/02 re-edited for consistency
v. 2.8.6 2002/07/23 converted capitalization to conform to AQC Style Guide and added this version history.
v. 2.8.7 2002/10/26 added notes on Rex Deus, Kabbalah, Jacques de Molay, Rite of Strict Observance, Hidden Superiors, the Age Movement, corruption, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rhodes-Milner Round Table, the Belmont Brotherhood, indifferentism, Enochian mysteries and pseudo-Zadokites.
v. 2.8.8 2002/10/29 added notes on male chauvinism, secret political agendas, Skull and Bones, corrected several typos and added several links.
v. 2.8.10 2003/01/26 added notes on Essenism, politics, Egyptian resurrection rituals, Royal Dragon Court and the Grail, corrected several typos and added several links.
v. 2.8.9 2002/11/10 added notes on Rudolf Sebottendorf, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.
v. 2.8.10 2003/01/16 re-edited Sec. VIII.
v. 2.8.11 2003/03/19 Changed titles to VIII 17 and VIII 18, and corrected minor grammatical errors.
v. 2.8.11 2004/01/17 added notes on The Masonic Testament to VI 12.
v. 2.9 2004/05/05 Corrected minor grammatical and style errors. Created a mirrored version with absolute links in a zipped file.
v. 2.9.1 2006/10/19 Corrected minor grammatical and style errors. Added notes on Sabaeanism.
2008/08/28 Added notes on transparency.


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