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Ars Quatuor Coronatorum
This website has received permission from the Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, UGLE, to reproduce articles from their annually published transactions. The Quatuor Coronati Lodge, warranted by the United Grand Lodge of England, is the premier lodge of masonic research, having been founded in 1884. Membership is by invitation and is limited to forty. Membership in the Correspondence Circle is open to all Master Masons in good standing.

Q.C.C.C. Ltd.
20 Great Queen Street
WC2B 5BE United Kingdom

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Transactions of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge
Only the principal contents of the volumes are listed. Many shorter articles, as well as reviews, notes and queries, biographies and obituary notices, etc., will also be found in each volume.
Vol. I, 1886-1888
Gould, R. F.Some Old Scottish Customs
Speth, G. W.The Steinmetz Theory
Hayter Lewis, Prof. T.An Early Version of the Hiramic Legend
Woodford, Rev. A.F.A.Freemasonry and Hermeticism
Warren, Sir C.On the Orientation of Temples
Hughan, W. J.Links Between Ancient and Modern Freemasonry
Wynn Westcott, Dr. W.The Religion of Freemasonry Illuminated by the Kabbalah
Gould, R. F.English Freemasonry Before the Era of Grand Lodge
Simpson, W.Threefold Division of Temples
Yarker, J.Unrecognized Lodges and Degrees of Freemasonry
H. Rylands, W.On the Legends of the Compagnonnage, Part I
Speth, G. W.Two New Versions of the Old Charges
Speth, G. W.Scottish Freemasonry Before the Era of Grand Lodges
Forbes, S. RussellThe Roman Legend of the Quatour Conronati
Begemann, Dr. W.An Attempt to Classify the Old Charges
Lane, J.Masters' Lodges
Speth, G. W."Quatuor Coronati" Abroad
Macbean, E.Scottish Freemasonry in the Present Era
Kupferschrmdt, C.The Grand Lodges of England and Sweden
Vol. II, 1889
Simpson, W.The Worship of Death
Rylands, W. H.On the Legends of the Compagnonnage, Part II
Rylands, W. H.Hogarth’s Picture, "Night"
Speth, G. W.Foundation of Modern Freemasonry
Vaillant, J. P.Freemasonry in Rotterdam 120 Years Ago
Cramer, B.Origin of Freemasonry
Whytehead, T. B.Grand Lodge at York
Schnitger, F. F.Free and Freemason
Vol. III, 1890
Gould, R. F.The Antiquity of Masonic Symbolism
Crease, Col. J.F.Masonic Character of the Roman Villa at Morton, Isle of Wight
Hayter, Lewis, Prof. T.Masonry and Masons' Marks
Simpson, W.Brahminical Initiation
Speth, G. W.A Masonic Curriculum
MacCulla, C. P.Freemasonry in America
Rylands, W. H.A Forgotten Rival of F'my--The Noble Order of Bucks.
Papworth, WyattNaymus Graecus
Macbean, E.Formation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland
Vol. IV, 1891
Haskett Smith, Rev.The Druses and Freemasonry
de Malczovich, L.Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary
Murray-Aynsley, Mrs.The Swastika
Gould, R. F.Martin Clare
Gould, R. F.Albert Pike
Minos, Rev. P. J. OliverMasonic Landmarks Among the Hindus
Hughan, W. J.Unidentified or Missing MSS.
Howard, C. C.The Alban and Athelstan Legends
Howard, C. C.Naymus Grecus
Barrett, Dr. W. A.Masonic Musicians
Forbes, Dr. S. RussellA Masonic-built City
Dixon, W.Old Lodge at Lincoln
Begemann, Dr. WNotes on the William Watson MS.
Hughan. W. T.Royal Arch Masonry
Vol. V. 1892
Simpson, W.The Noose Symbol
Murray-Aynesley, Mrs.The Tau or Cross
de Malczovich, L.Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)
Crowe, F. J. W.Masonic Clothing
Begemann, Dr. W.The Craft Legends
Richardson, Sir B. W.Masonic Genius of Robert Burns
Gould, R. F.Thomas Manningham
Ball, Rev. C.J.The Proper Names of Masonic Tradition
Lane, JohnDate of Origin of Grand Lodge (Antients), 1751
Rylands, W. H.The Masonic Apron
Gould, R. F.The Assembly
Vol. VI, 1893
Malden, Rev. C. H.The Tabernacle
Wynn Westcott, Dr. W.Symbolism of the Tabernacle
Lane, JohnDumfries Kilwinning MS. No. 4
Clarke, C. PurdonThe Tracing Board in Oriental and Medieval Masonry
Hughan, W. J.Ancient Stirling Lodge
Hughan, W. J.Old Charges (A classified list)
Gould, R. F.Rev. W. Stukeley
Gould, R. F.Freemasonry in Mexico, I
Gould, R. F.Dr. Robert Plot
Speth, G.W., Begemann, Dr.The Assembly
Crowe F. J. W.Masonic Clothing
de Maiczovich, L.,Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)
Vol. VII, 1894
Vernon, W. F.From Labour to Refreshment in olden time
Crowe, F. J. W.Continental Jewels and Medals
Wynn Westcott, Dr W.The Rosicrucians and Freemasonry
Hughan, W. J.Masters' Lodge at Exeter
Macbean, E.Master Masons to Crown of Scotland
Upton, W. H.The True Text of MS. Constitutions
North, J. McIntyreRandom Courses of Scottish Masonry (Early Records)
Gould, R. F.Medical Profession and Freemasonry
Gould, R. F.Freemasonry in Mexico, II
de Malczovich, L.Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)
Vol. VIII, 1895
Lindsay, Thomas A.The Arch and Temple in Dundee
Conder, E., jun.The Hon. Miss St. Leger
Riley, J. RamsdenEnglish Masonic Certificates
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeNotes on Irish F'my I. The Hon. Miss St. Leger
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeNotes on Irish F'my II. Three Lost Lodges
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeNotes on Irish F'my III. Irish Masonic Medals
Rylands, W. H.Some Masonic Symbols
Gould, R. F.Duke of Wharton and the Gormogons
Gould, R. F.Freemasonry in Mexico, III
Lane, J.Early Lodges and Warrants
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeThe Two Saints John Legend
Barron, E. J.Death and the Freemason
de Malczovich, L.Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)
Vol. IX, 1896
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeNotes on Irish F'my. IV. The Old Lodge at Bandon, Ireland
Conder, E., jun.London Masons' Company and the L. of Accepted Masons
Greiner, G. (and others)German Freemasonry, past and present
Klein, S. T.Law of Dakhiel (Bedouin Customs)
Barlow, D. W.A Curious Historical Error--Alfred the Great
Hughan, W J.Bibliography of the Old Charges
de Malczovich, L.Freemasonry in Austria and Hungary (Cont'd)
Kupferschmidt, C.A Glimpse at Early Freemasonry in Germany
Vol. X, 1897
Speth, G.W.Free and Freemasonry
Rainey, J.J.The Shakespeare Lodge and its Furniture
Jottrand, G.Lodge La Parfaite Union at Mons
Hugan, W. J.A Masonic Contract
Horsley, Rev. J. W.Masonic Symbolism in the Rationale of Durandus
Klein, S. T.The Great Symbol
Hughan, W. J.The Three Degrees and the M.M.’s Ceremony
Gould, R. F.J. H. Drummond
Shackles, G. L.Masonic Medals
Craven, Rev. J. B.The Kirkwall Scroll (Illustration and Notes)
Klein, S.T.Wisdom, Strength and Beauty (an astrological interpretation)
Vol. XI, 1898
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeBodleian Masonic MSS.
Klein, S.T.Hidden Mysteries (Sympathy, Light, Beauty, etc.)
Speth, G.W.Two Degrees Theory
Yarker, J.Order of the Temple
Conder, E., junCharles II at the Royal Exchange
Lovegrove, HenryBatty Langley on Geometry
Philon, N.Freemasonry in Greece
Armitage, E.Robert Samber
Rylands, W. H.Notes on Sussex Masonry
Hughan, W. J.The John T. Thorp MS.
Vol XII, 1899
Lane, JohnList of Lodges for 1732
Speth, G. W.English Lodge at Bordeaux
Horsley, J. W.Intimations of Immortality
Marriott, H. P. Fitz-GeraldWest African Secret Tribal Societies
Speth, G. W.Leicestershire Masonry, Part I, 1103-1327
Johnston, S. P.Seventeenth Century Descriptions of King Solomon’s Temple
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeJacob Jehudah Leon
Begemann, Dr. W.Establishment of Grand Lodge of Ireland
Clarke, C. PurdonVestigia Quatuor Coronatorum
Vol XIII, 1900
Hughan, W. J.The York Grand Lodge
Gould, R. F.The Chevalier Burnes
Upton, W. H.Prince Hall’s Letter Book
d'Alviella, Count GobletQuatuor Coronati in Belgium
Whytehead, T. B.Relics of the Grand Lodge at York
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeNotes on Irish Freemasonry, V. The Sackville Medal
Cameron, Sir Charles A.Chivalric Freemasonry in the British Isles
Conder, E., jun.Masonic Literature, 1722-1900
Summer OutingGloucester (Illustrations and Notes)
Vol. XIV, 1901
Rylands, W. H.The Alnwick Lodge Minutes
Greene, T.The 47th Proposition as part of the P.M. Jewel
Gould, R. F.Military Masonry
Conder, E., jun.The Miracle Play
Speth, G. W.The "Settegast" Grand Lodge of Germany
Speth, G. W.Naymus Grecus
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeMarcus Grecus Eversus
Conder, E., jun.Leicestershire Masonry, Part II, 1327-1509
Begemann, Dr. WRemarks on the "Sloane Family" of Old Charges
Windle, Rev. W. E.The "Testament of Solomon" (Legendary Temple-lore)
Calvert, A. F.Antony Sayer
Crawley, Dr. Chetwode"Wheeler’s Lodge"
Vol. XV, 1902
Berry, H. F.Sir Peter Lewys--Cathedral Builder
Gould, R. F.Theodore Sutton Parvin
Horsley, J. W.Solomon’s Seal and the Shield of David
Shackles, G. L.Coins of the Grand Masters of the Order of Malta
Ebblewhite, E. A.Samuel Beltz, 1783-1862
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeNotes on Irish F'my, VI. The Wesleys and Irish Freemasonry
Summer OutingNorwich (Illustrations and Notes)
Rylands, W. H.Charter Incorporating the Trades of Gateshead, 1671
Castle, E. J.The Reception (Initiation) of a Templar
Castle, E. J.(Early) Secret Societies
Yarker, J.The Old Swalwell Lodge and The Harodim
Tingley, J. C.Craft Guilds of Norwich
Vol. XVI, 1903
Rylands, W. H.The Legends of Masonry
Crowe, F. J. W.Masonic Certificates of the Netherlands
Gould, R. F.The Degrees of Pure and Ancient Freemasonry
Hughan, W. J.A Curious Illuminated Magic Roll (The T. M. Woodhead MS.)
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeNotes on Irish F'my, VII. Early Irish Certificates
Conder, E., jun.William of Wykeham
Gould, R. F.Three Great Masonic Lights
Gould, R. F.Philo Musicae et Architecturae Societas Apollini
Thorp, John T.A "Pompe Funebre"
Rylands, W. H.Order of St. John of Jerusalem
Thorp, John T.F'my in Gounod’s Opera, Irene the Queen of Sheba
Goldney, F. H.Knights Templars
Thorp, John T.Chichester Certificates, Eighteenth Century
Summer OutingLincoln (Illustrations and Notes)
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeThe Chevalier D'Eon
Vol. XVII, 1904
Crowe, F. J. W.Colours in Freemasonry
Breed, E. A. T.Minutes of an Extinct Lodge (The Royal Sussex L. No. 720)
Markham, Admiral Sir A. H.Budrum Castle
Horsley, Canon J. W.Rebuilding St. Paul’s Cathedral Church, London
Summer OutingWorcester (Illustrations and Notes)
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeNotes on Irish F'my, VIII. The G. L. of Ireland and the G. L. of Pennsylvania
Shackles, G. L.Records of Two Extinct Hull Lodges
de Malczovich, L.Templaria et Hospitallaria
Horsley, Canon J. W.The Government of the Lodge
Vol. XVIII, 1905
Thorp, J. T.The Rev. James Anderson and the Earls of Buchan
Berry, H. F.The "Marencourt" Cup and Ancient Square
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeThe Rev. Dr. Anderson’s Non-Masonic Writings
Sadler, H.An Unrecorded Grand Lodge
Hughan, W.Origin of Masonic Knight Templary in the United Kingdom
J. Songhurst, W. J.Jean Baptiste Marie Ragon (His Life and Writings)
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeMock Masonry in the Eighteenth Century
Littleton, J.Masonic Chivalry
Firminger, Rev. W. K.On the Old Bengal Lodges
Levander, F. W.A New Version of the Old Charges (The Levander York MS., Transcript)
Dring, E. H.The Naimus Grecus Legend
Summer OutingChester (Illustrations and Notes)
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeContemporary Comments on the Freemasonry of the Eighteenth Century
Vol. XIX, 1906
Simpson, J. P.Old City Taverns and Masonry
Yarker, J.The Carolus of Our Ancient MSS.
Sirr, H.The Sirr Family and Freemasonry
Dring, E. H.The Naimus Grecus Legend, II
de Malczovich, L.Templaria et Hospitallaria (Cont'd from Vol. XVII)
Hughan, W. J.A Unique Engraved List of Lodges, "Antients", A.D. 1753
Crowe, F. J. W.King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
Sirr, H.J. Morgan and his "Phoenix Britannicus"
de Malczovich, L.Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
Firminger, Rev. W. K.Studies in Eighteenth Century Continental (so-called) Masonry
Bowes, ArthurThe Equilateral Triangle in Gothic Architecture
Summer OutingShrewsbury and Ludlow (Illustrations and Notes)
Horsley, Canon J. W.Notes on the Grand Chaplains of England
Clarke, ArchdeaconEighteenth Century Irish Masonic Certificates
Castle, E. J.Gnosticism and Templary
Vol. XX, 1907
Songhurst, W. J.John Cole
Yarker, JohnOn Masonic History. Let us seek the truth
Simpson, J. P.Some Old London Taverns and Masonry
Castle, E. J.Proceedings Against the Templars, 1307-11
d'Alviella, Count GobletA Belgian Daughter of the Grand Lodge of Scotland
Thorp, J. T.Freemasonry Parodied in 1754 by Slade’s "Freemason Examin'd"
Tijou, Chas. J. R.Notes on the Metal Work of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, and Jean Tijou’s Designs
de Malczovich, L.Templaria et Hospitallaria (Cont'd from Vols. XVII, XIX)
Mackay, Adam MuirSir Walter Scott as a Freemason
Summer OutingBury St. Edmund’s and Ely (Illustrations and Notes)
le Strange, HamonThe Great Lodge, Swaffham, Norfolk, 1764-1785
Hughan, W. J.The Bain MS. (Transcript)
Vol. XXI, 1908
Horsley, Canon J. W.Pillars in the Porch of Solomon’s Temple
Bradley, HerbertMinute Book of L. Perfect Unanimity, now 150, Madras
Simpson, J. P.Some Old Suburban Taverns and Masonry
Westropp, Thomas JohnsonNotes on Freemasonry in Cork City
Hawkins, E. L.Two Editors of the B. of Constitutions (Entick and Noorthouck)
Rylands, W. H.The Soclety of Gregorians
Hextall, W. B.A Masonic Pantomime and Some Other Plays
Hawkins, E. L.The Henery Heade MS., 1675 (Transcript)
Murray, A. A. A.Freeman and Cowan, with Special Reference to the Records of Lodge Canongate Kilwinning
Watson, W., Hughan, W. J .The Taylor MS. (Transcript)
Summer OutingDurham (Illustrations and Notes)
Hextall, W. B.The Man of Taste. A Satire of 1733.
Wonnacott, W.Henry Yvele, the King’s Master Mason, 1320-1400
Yarker, JohnTwo Ancient Legends Concerning Solomon’s Temple
Vol. XXII, 1909
Dring, E. H.The Prince Edwin Legend
Brown, HarryThe Mason’s Guild and the Marquis of Granby Lodge, Durham
Crowe, F. J. W.The Fendeurs
Middleton, Thomas"The Lodge of Falkirk and Some of its (Famous) Members
Robbins, Alfred F.The Earliest Years of English Organized Freemasonry
Crowe, F. J. W.Giorgione’s "Three Wise Men"
Hughan, W. J.The Tho. Carmick MS. and Freemasonry in U.S.A. (Transcript)
Summer OutingCambridge and Wisbech (Illustrations and Notes)
Hill, A. R.Freemasonry in Cambridgeshire in the Eighteenth Century
Hawkins, E. L.Two Old Oxford Lodges
Robbins, Alfred F.A Newly-Discovered Print of the 'Roberts MS.'
Das Batra, L. B.Freemasonry and Hindoo Symbolism
Young, F. E.Mexican Masonry in 1909
Vol. XXIII, 1910
Robbins, Alfred F.Dr. Anderson of the "Constitutions"
Hextall, W. B.The Special Lodge of Promulgation, 1809-1811
Hughan, W. J.King Edward VII, Monarch, Peace-maker and Mason
Klein, Sydney T."Magister--Mathesios"
Horsley, Canon J. W.The Royal Naval Lodge, No. 59
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeThe Craft and Its Orphans in the Eighteenth Century
Rosenbaum, Rev. M."Ahiman Rezon" (The Title of the "Antients' " B. of Const.)
Summer OutingChichester (Illustrations and Notes)
Wyatt, O.N.Tracing Boards of the Lodge of Union, No. 38
Wonnacott, W.The Lodge of Reconciliation, 1813-1816
Hughan, W. J.The "Engraved List" of 1747 (Facsimile)
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeMasonic Blue
Sadler, H.Irregular and Peculiar Masonic Societies
Vol. XXIV, 1911
Hawkins, E. L.Adoptive Masonry and the Order of the Mopses
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeTwo Corner Stones Laid in the Olden Time
Wallace-James, R. E.Minute Book of Aitchison’s Haven Lodge, 1598-1764 (Transcript)
Gawley, Dr. ChetwodeThe Old Charges and Papal Bulls
Brookhouse, J. C.The Good Samaritans or Ark Masons in Politics
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeDaniel O'Connell and Irish Freemasonry
Summer OutingWells and Glastonbury (Illustrations and Notes)
Poignant, Axel J. A.The Landmarks
Crowe, F. J. W.The "Charta Transmissionis" of Larmenius (Text and Translation)
de l' Hoste Ranking, Dr. D. F.Gnostic Sects and Their Influence on Freemasonry
Mackay, A.M.Andrew Bell, of the Encyclopaedia Britannica
Vroom, James"Ancient York Masons" in British America
Tuckett, J.E.S.The Earliest Baldwyn K.T. Certificate
Vol. XXV, 1912
Levander, F. W.The Jerusalem Sols and Other London Societies
d'Alviella, Count GobletThe English Provincial Grand Lodge of the Austrian Netherlands
Yarker, JohnThe Charter of Larmenius
d'Alviella, Count GobletThe Papal Bulls and Freemasonry in Belgium
Hextall, W. BThe Old Landmarks of the Craft
Hills, Gordon P. G.Some Masonic Personalities at the End of the Eighteenth Century
Tuckett, J. E. S.Dr. Richard Rawlinson and the Masonic Entries in Elias Ashmole’s Diary
Mackay, A. M.Gavin Wilson
Klein, S. T.Transcendental Ego
Summer OutingNewcastle, Hexham and The Roman Wall (Illustrations and Notes)
Dring, E. H.English Printed Masonic Literature up to 1751
Vol. XXVI, 1913
Hawkins, E. L.The Evolution of Masonic Ritual
Hextall, W. B."The Lord Harnouester" of 1736-8
Tuckett, J. E. S.An "Apollonian" Summons
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeThe Templar Legends in Freemasonry
Tuckett, J. E. S.J. Morgan of the Phoenix Britannicus
Hills, Gordon P. G.The Rainsford Papers in the British Museum
Edge, J. H.Rise and Progress of Irish Freemasonry
Summer OutingEast Sussex (Illustrations and Notes)
Berry, Henry F.Episodes in Irish Freemasonry, 1790-1830
Bradley, HerbertBro. Mozart and Some of his Masonic Friends
Vol XXVII, 1914
Crowe, F. J. W.The Free Carpenters
Forbes, Dr. S. RussellChurch of the Santi Quattro Coronati, Rome
Hextall, W. B.Some Old-time Clubs and Societies
Conder, EdwardOrders and Regulations for the Company of Masons, London, 1481, and the Feast of the Q.C.
Tuckett, J. E. S.Napoleon I and Freemasonry
le Strange, HamonMasonic Certificates of Robert Partridge
Summer OutingMonmouthshire (Illustrations and Notes)
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeThe Legend of the SS. Quatuor Coronati
Armitage, Fred.The Craft in "The Gentleman’s Magazine", 1731 to 1820
Tuckett, J. E. S.Nicolas Perseval and La Triple Union
Vol. XXVIII, 1915
Hammond, Dr. WilliamExtracts from Old Minute Books in the Grand Lodge
Hextall, W. B."Free-Mason" about A.D. 1700
Levander, F. W.The Collectanea of the Rev. Daniel Lysons, F.R.S., F.S.A.
Wynn Westcott, W.Freemasonry and its Relation to the Essenes
Wonnacott, W.Martin Clare and the Defence of Masonry (1730)
Hills, Gordon P. G.Some Usages and Legends of Crafts Kindred to Masonry
Crawley, Dr. ChetwodeThe International Compact, 1814
Summer OutingWolverhampton (Illustrations and Notes)
Wallace-James, R. E.Les Nicotiates, or the Order of the Priseurs
Baxter, Rodk. H.The Beswicke-Royds Masonic MS.
Vol. XXIX, 1916
Levander, F. W.The Collectanea of the Rev. Daniel Lysons, F.R.S., F.S.A., Pt. II
Wonnacott, W.The Friendly Society of Free and Accepted Masons
Dring, E. H.The Evolution and Development of the Tracing or Lodge Board
Robbins, Alfred F.Frederick Prince of Wales as a Freemason
Wynn Westcott, W.The Resemblance of Freemasonry to the Cult of Mithra
Hills, Gordon P. G.John Britton, F.S.A., and Rev. Richard Warner
Hextall, W. B."Orator" Henley, M.A., 1692-1756
Levander, F. W.Changes in the Books of Constitutions
Vol. XXX, 1917
Kelly, W. RedfernAdvent of Royal Arch Masonry
Levander, F. W.Comparison of Regulations in the Books of Constitutions, 1723 to 1819
Hills, Gordon P. G.Admiral Sir William Sidney Smith
Tuckett, J. E. S.Savalette de Langes, Les Philaletes, Convent of Wilhelmsbad
Wonnacott, W.Duke of Richmond, Grand Master, 1724-5
Hextall, W. B.Craft in the Law Courts
Powell, A. C.Some Early French MS. Rituals at Bristol
Vol. XXXI, 1918
Tuckett, J. E. S.Early History of Freemasonry in France
Baxter, R. H.Old Charges and Ritual
Hills, Gordon P. G.Minutes of Royal Lodge, 1777-1817
Tuckett J. E. S.Minutes of a Loge des Maitres at Amiens, 1776-1790
Thorp, J. T.Will of Duke of Wharton
Hills, Gordon P. G.Patron Saints and Masonry
Vol. XXXII, 1919
Tuckett, J. E. S.Origin of Additional Degrees
Klein, S. T.Vestiges of the Craft in Spain
Lovegrove, H.Three Masonic Novels
Baxter, R. H.Peculiarities of the Book of Constitutions
Songhurst, W. J.Lodge 20, "Antients" (Minutes, etc., 1753-1756)
Salwey, T. J.Trade Guilds at Ludlow
Tuckett, J. E. S.The True Function of Tradition in Masonic Research
Vol. XXXIII, 1920
Rosedale, H. G.Material for Classifying the Old Charges
Tuckett, J. E. S.A Templar Chapter at Edinburgh in 1745
Hills, Gordon P. G.Women and Freemasonry
Tuckett, J. E. S.L'Ordre de la Felicite
Baxter, R. H.Architecture of King Solomon’s Temple
Vibert, L.Compagnonnage
d'Alviella, Count GobletMasonry in Belgium
Summer OutingBristol and Malmesbury (Illustrations and Notes)
Vol. XXXIV, 1921
Stokes, JohnSheffield Masonic Benefit Society
Beesley, E. B.'Colne' MSS. (Transcripts)
Hobbs, J. W.Irish Minute Book, 1782-1797, L. No. 569, Lifford
Wonnacott, W.De Vignoles and his Lodge
Bradley, H.A Madras Precursor of Q.C. Lodge
Tatsch, J. H.American Masonic Crisis: The Morgan Incident
Viben, L.Influence of Contemporary History on the Old Charges
Vol. XXXV, 1922
Covey-Crump, W. W.Orientation of Lodges
Daynes, G. W.Masonic Contract of 1432
Poole, H.Thistle MS. (Transcript)
Hobbs, J. W.Antiquity of Freemasonry
Lepper, J. HeronFreemasonry in East Antrim, 1800-1850
Summer OutingSheffield (Illustrations and Notes)
Stokes, JohnSheffield Masonic Worthies
Telepneff, B.Freemasonry in Russia
Vol. XXXVI, 1923
Poole, H.Trade Companies of Kendal in 16th and 17th century
Vibert, L.Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723
Miller, A. L.Dr. James Anderson and Aberdeen
Williams, W. J.Nomenclature of Lodges
Songhurst, W. J.Engraved List for 1728
Wonnacott, W.Country Stewards' Lodge and the Green Apron
Tuckett, J. E. S.Old Charges and Chief Master Mason
Tait, W.Early Royal Arch in Ireland
Bullamore, G. W.Beehive and Freemasonry
Daynes, G. W.Historical MSS. Commission
Robbins, Sir A.The relationship of Grand Lodge to the extra-Craft Degrees
Vol. XXXVII, 1924
Poole, H.Masonic Ritual and Secrets Before 1717
Williams, W. J.Goose and Gridiron
Heiron, A.Craft in Eighteenth Century
Daynes, G. W.Duke of Lorraine and English F'my in 1731
Rasmussen, J.Freemasonry in Danish West Indies
Hobbs, J. W.Anthony Sayer, the First Grand Master
de Lafontaine, H. C.Unknown Philosopher, Louis Claude de Saint Martin
Brook, G. B."Fort William, Scotland
Lepper, J. HeronAnglo-Irish Masonic Relationships
Vol. XXXVIII, 1925
Telepneff, B.Russian Freemasonry in the Reign of Alexander I
Bullamore, G. W.Antiquity of the Third Degree
Williams, W. J.Roberts Constitutions, 1722
Williams, W. J.Alexander Pope and Freemasonry
Lepper, J. HeronPoor Common Soldier--Irish Ambulatory Warrants
Day, W. R.Kirkwall Scroll
Daynes, G. W.Lodge at Maid’s Head, Norwich
Summer OutingDorset (Illustrations and Notes)
Stokes, J.Life of J. T. Desaguliers
Vol. XXXIX, 1926
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Vol. 78 for 1965
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Wilson Smith, J.Masonic Philately--A Guide for Beginners
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Vol. 79 for 1966
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Clarke, J. R.Formation of the Grand Lodge of the "Antients"
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Vol. 80 for 1967
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The Duke of Kent, as M.W.G.M.
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Anon.An Introduction to the 'Allied Masonic Degrees'
Stubbs, J. W.Due Examination of Visitors
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Vol. 81 for 1968
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Why in London and why in 1717 ?
Vatcher, Dr. S.John Coustos and the Portuguese Inquisition
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Horne, APreston as Preceptor and Ritualist
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Temple of Solomon and the Tabernacle
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Rabes. L.Franz Liszt - The Freemason
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Vol. 97 for 1984
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Vol. 98 for 1985
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(Anon.)The Lodge of Antiquity No. 178
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Stolper, E. E.A Masonic Legend

Transcribed by MAGNA BOREALIS LUX (403-475-6061) Edmonton Alberta, Sysop: George Helmer (1955/01/01-2002/02/18).


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