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Robert Pim Butchart
[Robert Pim Butchart]
30 March 1856 - 27 October 1943
Remembered today for Butchart Gardens—now a famous tourist attraction near Victoria, British Columbia—created by his wife, Jeannie, in the abandoned quarries surrounding their home.
BUTCHART, Robert Pim—Director of Wooden Shipbuilding, Imperial Munitions Board; Managing Director, Vancouver Portland Cement Co., Ltd., Victoria, B.C.; Director, Pacific Steamship Co., Ltd., Seattle; President, Oregon Portland Cement Co., Ltd., Portland, Oregon; Director, Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd., Vancouver; President, R. P. Butchart & Brother, Owen Sound; Director, Pacific Alaska Navigation Co., Tacoma. Born Owen Sound, Ont., March 30, 1856. Came to British Columbia, 1904. Commenced in the Hardware business with his father, Capt. G. M. Butchart, Owen Sound, 1872; started the first Portland Cement Mill in Canada, near Owen Sound, 1888; Directly interested in the building of Portland Cement Mills, consecutively at the following places, Lakefield, Ont; Tod Inlet, B.C.; Montreal; Calgary; Oswego; Oregon; has interests in a number of other Portland Cement Companys in Canada and the United States; Member, Advisory Board for British Columbia; Toronto General Trusts Corporation. Married Jeannie Foster Kennedy, 1884; has two daughters. Clubs: Union (Victoria); Vancouver; Sydenham (Owen Sound); Royal Automobile (London) Coldwood; Oak Bay Golf. Society: A.F. & A.M. Recreations: Golf. Unionist. Residence: Tod Inlet, B.C.

Source: Who’s Who and Why 1917-18. Publishers : International Press, Limited, Head Office, C.P.R. Building, Toronto. Copyrighted 1914 at Ottawa. p. 1010. Note: no record with Grand Lodge of British Columbia.


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