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The King James Bible
King James Version, 1611
The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Testament, and the New: Newly Translated out of the Originall tongues: & with the former Translations [Tyndale’s, Matthew’s, Coverdale’s, Cranmer’s, Parker’s, and the Genevan] diligently compared and reuised by his Maiesties speciall Comandement. Appointed to be read in Churches. [Holland, Thomas. Regina Professor of Divinity at Oxford.] Robert Barker: London, 1611. fol.
The first edition of the so-called King James' Bible, or Authorized Version. The titlepage is engraved on copper, by C. Boel. The titlepage of the New Testament has a woodcut border. The titlepage is followed by 17 preliminary leaves containing Dedication, Preface to the reader, Calendar, Almanack, etc. Double columns, 59 lines to a column. In Exodus xiv. 10 three lines are printed twice, an error which does not occur in any later edition. In Ruth iii. 15 this edition has "He went," whereas the second folio edition (1613, 1611) has "She went." Numerous editions immediately following these copy either the one or the other until in and after 1614 all use "She."
Genesis - 2 Kings revised at Westminster by Lancelot Andrewes Bishop of Ely, John Overal, Hadrianus Saravia, Richard Clarke, John Layfield, Robert Teigh, Francis Burleigh, Geoffrey King, Richard Thomson, William Bedwell; 1 Chronicles - Ecclesiastes at Cambridge by Edward Lively, John Richardson afterwards Master of Trinity College, Laurence Chaderton, Francis Dillingham, Thomas Harrison Vice-master of Trinity College, Roger Andrewes, Robert Spalding, Andrew Byng; Isaiah - Malachi at Oxford by John Harding, John Rainolds, Thomas Holland, Richar Kilby, Miles Smith afterwards Bishop of Gloucester, Richard Brett, Richard Fairclough; Matthew - Acts and Revelation at Oxford by John Perin, Thomas Ravis, Bishop of London, George Abbott, Archbishop of Canterbury, John Aglionby, Giles Tomson, Bishop of Gloucester, Sir Henry Savile, Leonard Hutten, John Harmar, Warden of Winchester College; Romans - Jude at Westminster by William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, Ralph Hutchinson, John Spencer, Roger Fenton, Michael Rabbett, Thomas Sanderson, William Dakins; and the Apocrypha at Cambridge by Andrew Downes, John Duport, William Branthwaite, Jermiah Radcliffe, Samuel Ward, William Ward, John Bois.
Finally edited by Miles Smith and Thomas Bilson, Bishop of Winchester, with a Preface to the reader written by Miles Smith. With marginal references and prefixed contents of chapters.


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