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Wilfrid Reid “Wop” May
[Captain Wilfrid Reid
May 20, 1896 - June 21, 1952
World War I fighter pilot, and one of Canada’s early bush pilots, "Wop" May survived being chased by Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, the "Red Baron, with the timely intervention of Roy Brown. He later received the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). By the end of the war he had downed thirteen enemy aircraft, with an additional four "probables".
May formed, with his brother Court, May Airplanes Ltd. in 1919. He was instrumental in the formation of the First Flying Club in Canada, the Edmonton Aero Club, in 1927; established Canada’s first commercial airport, Blatchford Field; flew the first airmail to the Canadian Arctic in 1929; worked with the RCMP in tracking the "Mad Trapper"; formed the Para-Rescue Service for the RCAF; and was awarded the Trans-Canada (McKee) Trophy for 1929 and the "Medal of Freedom with Bronze Palm" by the US Government in 1947.
"Wop May was inducted a Member of Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame in 1974 with the following citation: The continued offering of his aeronautical brilliance in the cruellest geographical arenas, his total dedication to the cause of uniting people through air transport, and his numerous and humane contributions, have been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."
Entered Apprentice Degree: June 21, 1921
Fellowcraft Degree: October 29, 1921
Master Mason Degree: November 26, 1921
Demited: May 3, 1928
Affiliated: April 4, 1944
Unity Lodge No. 51

Affiliated: February 15, 1941
Demitted: January 17, 1951
Ivanhoe Lodge No. 142

Affiliated: February 11, 1946, Charter Member
Yellowknife Lodge No. 162

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