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Emanuel Swedenborg
[Johnathan Swift]
January 29th 1688 - March 29th 1772
Inventor, author, philosopher and mystic, Emanuel Swedberg, later known as Swedenborg, was a Board of Mines Assessor for 24 years, writing and publishing books on mining and minerals, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, physics, cosmology, and other scientific and philosophical subjects. Swedenborg spent the last 24 years of his life writing and publishing the "Heavenly Doctrines." Now printed in English in 12 volumes, they give the spiritual meaning of every verse of Genesis and Exodus.
Samuel Beswick claimed that Swedenborg was initiated into freemasonry at Lund, also styled Lunden, Sweden, in 1706, and created the Swedenborgisan Rite; the Abbé Pernetti made a similar claim in a brief biography he published as a preface for his French translation of Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell; and Dr. Marsha Schuchard has continued the argument; but masonic historian, R. A. Gilbert, discredits the theory.

Swedenborg Rite and the Great Masonic Leaders of the eighteenth Century. Samuel Beswick, New York: Masonic Publishing Company, 432 Broome street, 1870. 201 pp [cover: Swedenborg and Phremasonry]
Rev. Dr Rudolph Tafel argues that Swedenborg wasn't a Freemason [DC II:II:735-739.]
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