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Jack the Ripper (1988)
Online claims of masonic references in the made-for-television Jack the Ripper are mistaken conflations with other fictional treatments of the Whitechapel murders based on the debunked masonic/royal conspiracy theory.
Interviewed in 2017, actress Jane Seymour stated "when we first got the script, they kind of implicated the Masons as being involved, and by the time we finished the movie, there was pretty much no mention of the Masons." * One masonic reference survived the editing. A scene, possibly originally intended as forshadowing, has Detective Abberline called to a masonic hall that looks more like an old college refectory, to interview the, non-masonic and obviously innocent, "usual suspects" [Part I. 00:19:50]
Three other references are made, not to Freemasonry, but to conspiracy.
In Part II, the two detectives have the following exchange: Frederick Abberline: "There's something powerful driving this one along." George Godley : "Black magic, you mean? Some sort of secret society?" In a later conversation, Godley says : "Fred, do you ever get the feeling that someone knows something we don't? I mean, getting the Commissioner out of bed. Washing the blood away." [Part II. 00:17:24]
Later, in conversation with Commissioner Sir Charles Warren, Chief Superintendent Tom Arnold says: "But you won't resign. Not till this is over. We still need you. Don't we, Commissioner?" [Part II. 00:43:38] Godley makes one final reference to a conspiracy: "If it's a secret society, there could be hundreds of them." [Part II. 00:47:00]

Jack the Ripper (1988). Series directed by David Wickes, written by Derek Marlowe. Michael Caine, Armand Assante, Ray McAnally, Lewis Collins, Ken Bones, Susan George, Jane Seymour, Harry Andrews, Lysette Anthony, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Peter Armitage, Desmond Askew, Trevor Baxter, Mike Carnell, Ann Castle, Deirdre Costello, Jon Croft, Angela Crow, Kelly Cryer, Marc Culwick, John Dair, Roy Evans, John Fletcher, Sheridan Forbes, Hugh Fraser, Martin Friend, Christopher Fulford, Michael Gothard, Bruce Green, Ricci Harnett, Ronald Hines, Denys Hawthorne, Michael Hughes, Peter Hughes, Frank Jarvis, Edward Judd, Gertan Klauber, Jon Laurimore, Mike Lewin, Rod Lewis, Gary Love, George Malpas, Eric Mason, Bernadette Milnes, Jonathan Moore, Richard Morant, T.P. McKenna, John Normington, Ronald Nunnery, Sandra Payne, Neville Phillips, Iain Rattray, David Ryall, Gary Shail, Gerald Sim, George Sweeney, David Swift, Norman Warwick, Brian Weske. UK | USA, English, 182 min) (2 parts), Mono, Colour.
* Harris, Will (17 April 2017). "Jane Seymour on how Dr. Quinn was not supposed to last and her "whole new career" in comedy". The A.V. Club.


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