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M. W. Hazen
On Yonder Book
by M.W. Benjamin L. Hadley, P.G.M Grand Lodge Maine
Sometimes referred to as the "Candle Light Charge" or "Walking Charge"

It must indeed be gratifying to know that you are at last a Master Mason, and once you have affixed your signature to the Bylaws of this lodge, you will have sealed your allegiance to the oldest and greatest fraternity in existence, one that encircles the globe and whose influence for good is never ending.

The particular reason that you chose to become a member of this grand and noble order is known only to yourself. It might have been the prompting of idle curiosity. That being true, you should now be well satisfied. It might have been for financial reasons. That being true, be at once undeceived for Freemasonry offers no financial benefits to any of its members. It might have been for social aspirations. That being true, you are now afforded the opportunity to acquaint yourself with many interesting and intelligent gentlemen. It might have been because a relative or close friend (can also name the relative such as father, brother, etc. as appropriate) is a Mason and expressed a desire that you should become one also and follow in their footsteps. That being true, it is not only an honor to yourself, but to the fraternity as well.

But, be the reason that it may, there are two great questions that still confront you. Will you be worth anything or nothing to Freemasonry and, will Freemasonry be worth anything or nothing to you? The answers lie within you yourself, for if you will apply to your own life the lessons that you have received in the three degrees, it will make you a better citizen, a better father, a better son and a fonder husband............for

In Mason's Lodge, with darkened eyes
With cable tow about me,
I swore to hale all mysteries,
That Masons keep, and Masons prize,
All brothers' secrets whispered low,
All words they speak, all things they do,
In mystic manner taught me.
On yonder Book that Oath I took,
And will I break it? Never!
But stand by this, and this, and this,
Forever and forever.
(Giving D-G and S. on step of E.A. Degree)

I swore to answer and obey,
All summons sent me duly,
By brothers' hand or Lodge array,
I swore that I would never stray,
From Ancient laws and rules that bound,
Freemasons in days renowned,
But would observe them truly.
(On yonder Book that Oath I took, etc... as above and giving D-G and S.on step of F.C. Degree)

I swore to lead with generous care,
All those in sorrow hidden,
A brother on the darkened square,
The mourners with disheveled hair,
The orphan doomed, alas, to stray,
Upon a rough and rugged way,
While tears gush forth unbidden.
(On yonder Book, etc... giving D-G and S. on step of M.M. Degree)

I swore to deal in honesty,
With each true heart around me,
That Honor ... bright should ever be,
Unbroken bonds 'tween him and me,
Nor wrong , nor guile, nor cruel fraud,
Should ever break the sacred cord,
By which my vows have bound me.
(On yonder Book, etc... giving D-G of all 3 Degrees - one with each "this")

I swore the Portals close to guard,
Of the Masonic Temple,
To rid the quarries of their dross,
To build each mystic wall across,
With body perfect, upright heart,
And mind mature in moral art
In Precept and example.
(On yonder Book, etc... pointing to Greater and Lesser Lights and letter

I swore the Chastity to guard,
Of Mason's widow, wife, or child,
His mother or sister, undefiled.
To them I pledge a brother's love,
By Him who rules the Lodge above,
To be a true defender.
(On yonder Book, etc... giving Distress sign - one motion with each this )

My Brother (or Brothers):
These are your Vows, Be they your cares.
And may such aid be given,
In answer to your earnest prayer,
That you may ever do and dare,
All that God's gracious Laws enjoin,
So that when evening shades decline,
You may be found in Heaven.
On yonder Book these Oaths we took,
And will we break them? Never:
But stand by this, and this, and this,
Forever and forever.

At the end of the last verse, have candidate(s) join you in giving D-G and S. on the step of all three Degrees - one with each "this")
Have lesser lights arranged around the altar or dim lights and use altar spot as case may be .


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