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M. W. Hazen
Presentation of a Volume of Sacred Law
By Bro. J. B. Alexander
Cascade Lodge, No. 12
My Brother: By command of the W.M. I now present to you a copy of the Volume of the Sacred Laws. Upon this particular Book tonight you sealed your solemn and sacred obligation as a M.M. Value it highly! Not only because of its association with this solemn ceremony of dedication and its beautiful binding, but also and chiefly because of its beauty of precept and its inspiration for beautiful living.
Do you read "best-sellers?" Here is a Book which outsells all competitors. Do you search for beauty of diction and phraseology, for the clarity and purity of the English language? Then read this Book for here you will find them in unrivalled perfection.
You will find in this Book stories of men in exalted positions who weakly yielded to temptation or basely yielded to passion, yet who through true repentance "rose again on stepping stones of their dead selves to higher things." You will find, too, inspiring records of the achievements of men whose souls were filled with the zeal of a Divine fire in overcoming seemingly insuperable obstacles, "who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, escaped the edge of the sword, quenched the violence of fire and out of weakness were made strong."
Herein will be found a complete record of the evolution of man's conception of the Deity, from the primary conception of Him as a purely local and tribal God, austere, remote, unapproachable by any mortal but the priests (a God jealous of two prerogatives, vindictive in his wrath) to the matchless Christian conception of a universal God, kind, loving, tender-hearted, a Father to all men; One Who rejoices with their joys, sorrowing with their sorrows; One to whom the poor and the most humble may address his petition with full assurance that it will be heard, and if found worthy, will be answered.
Above all you will find herein a record of the one perfect and blameless Life—a perfect pattern for service and sacrifice well worthy the whole-hearted devotion and emulation of us all.
There is no other book in all the world like this Book. Read it often. Delve deeply into the treasures of its storehouse. Ponder upon its lessons. Let them be indelibly engraved upon the tablets of your memory. Apply them individually to the immeasurable enrichment of your life and character.
Thus this Book of Books will become a "lamp unto your feet, a light upon your path;" a light which will grow brighter and brighter, until the dawning of that perfect day, when the labours of life's evening having ended we shall be summoned to labour anew in the eternal G.L. above where the world's Great Architect lives and reigns forever and ever.

Excerpted from Masonic Bulletin, September 1941 (vol. v, no. 1), reprinted 1942 Annual Proceedings, p. 211-12.


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