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Dr. Chetwode Crawley
[Chetwode Crawley]
November 15, 1843 - March 13, 1916
William John Chetwode Crawley, for many years Head Master of the Queen’s Service Acadamy, Dublin, was, after a lengthy university career, elected a life member of the senate of Trinity College, Dublin in 1881. Author of various textbooks and manuals, he sat on the Council of Dublin University, was Chairman of the Dublin Council of Teachers' Guilds and was a member of several Royal Societies.
Compiler of three volumes of Caementaria Hibernica (1895, 1896, 1900) and author of twenty-one papers published in Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, his studies into the early history of English speaking Freemasonry have provided masonic students with a wealth of valuable research and established his reputation as a leading proponent of what has been termed the Authentic School of masonic writers.
Initiated : 1873
Scientific Lodge No. 250, Dublin
Worshipful Master : 1876
Trinity College Lodge No. 357
Grand Secretary : 1880-1893
Grand Lodge of Instruction
Grand Inner Guard : 1881
Grand Sword Bearer : 1884
Grand Steward : 1887
Grand Treasurer : 1904 - 1915
Grand Lodge of Ireland
Past Senior Grand Warden
Grand Lodge of British Columbia

Source: Ars Quatuor Coronatorum vol xxix, pp. 239-41. Also see: St.Thomas’s Parish, Dublin, Rough Baptismal Register 1843-1852, Representative Church Body Library Ref. P.80/2/2A: baptised, William John, 10 December 1843, born November, 1843. Cf, "Scholars of the Craft", The Aldershot Army and Navy Lodge Journal January, 1913, which notes his birthdate as 1844; AQC vol. i, p. 36, which notes his birth year as 1844 and his initiation in 1872. Portrait : frontispiece, AQC 1907.


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