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M. Wor. Brother William Dalby was born at Richmond Hill, Ont., January 29th, 1839, and died at Victoria, B.C., january 22nd, 1916, aged 77 years.
Bro. Dalby was initiated, passed and raised in Vancouver Lodge No. 421, Grand Registry of Scotland, in the year 1867. He was made Inner Guard 1867, Junior Warden 1868, Senior Warden 1869, and Wor. Master 1870. Evidently his Lodge esteemed highly his services not only by their yearly approvai of work done, but by appointing him as Secretary in 1872. Wor. Bro. Dalby became Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of B. C. in 1884, but was placed in the more important offices of Deputy Grand Master in 1885, and of Grand Master in 1886, and was appointed as representative of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Grand Lodge of B. C. in 1887, and finally, showing the esteem in which he was held by his Brethren, was elected an Honourary Member of No. 2 in January, 1913.
M. Wor. Bro. McMicking was born at Queenstown, Ont., July 7th, 1843, and was initiated in Quadra Lodge No. 8 G.R.B.C., September 15th, 1871, passed November 17th, and raised December lst of the same year. He was installed Junior Deacon in january, 1874, Secretary in January, 1875, and Senior Warden in January, 1876, his Lodge thus evidently appreciating the value of his faithful services. When the two Lodges, Vancouver and Quadra, were amalgamated as Vancouver and Quadra Lodge No. 2 G.R.B.C., Brother MeMicking was elected as its first Worshipful Master on May 16th, 18Y7, and afterwards filled the office of Secretary of his Lodge from 1880 to 1886, and from 1902 to 1912.
In the Grand Lodge he became Junior Grand Warden 1892, Deputy Grand Master 1893, and M. Wor. Grand Master 1894, and has since held the position of Grand Representative of the M. Wor. Grand Lodge of Missouri to the Grand Lodge of B. C.
M. Wor. Bro. M. McMicking departed this life on November 27th, 1915, aged 72 years, and his remains were interred with full Masonic honours in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, on November 29th, 1915.
It is with deep regret that we have to record the death of Brother Theophilus Michell, Sr., who passed away on May 13th of this year, after a brief but severe illness. Brother Michell was well known to the Brethren throughout this jurisdiction, having served as Grand Tyler of the Grand Lodge of B. C. since June, 1908. He was a man whom we all esteemed most highly as a Brother Mason, one ever ready to help in any emergency, and as a man of integrity and faithfulness in the performance of the various duties of his office.
On the 13th of March, 1916, occurred the death of R. W. Brother W. J. Chetwode Crawley, a Past Senior Grand Warden of this Grand Lodge.
R. W. Brother Chetwode Crawley was an active member of both Lodge and Grand Lodge, and early in his Masonic career became interested in the study of the history of Masonry. The early history of Masonry in the British Isles has always been obscure, and the attempts of our earlier Masonic writers to illuminate the subject were not attended with results commensurate with their zeal.
R. W. Brother Chetwode Crawley, with such writers as Hughan, Gould, Sadler, Rylands and Speth did much to free the history of the Craft from the myths and fancies which had become incorporated with it.
Although first and principally a student of Irish Masonry, Brother Chetwode Crawley's labours covered a wide field, and his services were recognized in his own Grand Lodge-that of Ireland-by election to the important office of Grand Treasurer, while several Grand Lodges in the United States conferred on him the rank of Past Grand Warden.

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