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The Duke of Wharton and Desaguliers.—I extract the following from the report just published by the Historical MSS. Commission on the MSS. of the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, preserved at Montagu House, Whitehall. E. J. BARRON.
Jam[es] Anderson to [the Duke of Montagu]
1723 June 29 Saturday.—" May it please your Grace to accept of the thanks of our Brethren [Freemasons] for your good buck and your generous payment for the ticket; but your Grace’s Company would have been useful, because, though with unanimity they chose the Earl of Dalkeith the Grand Master, represented by his proxy, the D[u]ke of W[harto]n endeavoured to divide us against Dr. Desaguliers (whom the Earl named for Deputy before his Lordship left London), according to a concert of the said D[u]ke and some he had persuaded that morning to join him; nor will the affair be well adjusted until the present Grand Master comes to London. The said D[u]ke bas been deeply engaged all this week among the Livery-men of London in the Election of Sheriffs, though not entirely to his satisfaction, which I'm sorry for, but none can help it except Mr. Walpool, (sic.) who, they say, thinks it not worth while to advise him. I beg your Grace to send me the remainder of the charges in a post-letter directed for me in Swallow Street, near Pickadilly, St, James’s, Westminster"—p. 373.
[The above refers to the action of the outgoing G.M., the Duke of Wharton, at the Grand Feast of the 24th June, 1723, when he attempted, unsuccessfully, to deprive the G.M. of the privilege of appointing his Deputy by making the office subject to Election in Grand Lodge. Being foiled in his attempt, we learn from the minutes of G.L. that "The late Grand Master went away from the Hall without Ceremony."—Editor]

Source: AQC AQC vol. xii (1899), p. 106.


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