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Sibree Clarke
GRAND MASTER, 1893-1894
[Sibree Clarke]
July 1832 - 8 May 1919
Dr. Sibree Clarke was a native of the City of Coventry, England, born in July, 1832. His father was an Episcopal clergyman who came to Dresden, Lambton County when Sibree was a mere lad. He was for a time a druggist there, and later studied medicine, obtaining his diploma as a physician in 1877 but he seems to have practised little, restricting his activities to his drug business. In 1883 he came to British Columbia, and for some time practiced as a partner with D.S. Curtis, in New Westminster. In 1885 he moved to Kamloops where he opened a pharmacy, and was instrumental in the institution of Kamloops Lodge No. 10 the following year.
He was appointed coroner for the district on 4 August 1886, and acted as such for the rest of his life. He took a keen interest in civic affairs and was the first Mayor of the city of Kamloops in 1893, serving for six months before returning to his duties as coroner, physician and druggist. In 1897 he was president of the Board of Trade. In 1910 he removed to Lillooet and was in business there for some years. He then moved to Ashcroft acting both as a druggist and as a physician. In April 1919 he was taken ill, and went to the Royal Hospital at Kamloops, where he died 8 May 1919, aged 87 years.
Predeceased by his daughter Gertrude Wood, he was survived by daughters, Catherine Venn, Fannie McEachern and Maud McArthur, and his son and business partner, John S. Clarke.
The first Grand Master to come from the interior of the province, he was elected at the Communication of Grand Lodge at Nanaimo, June, 1893. He had the honor of laying the Corner Stone of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Nanaimo on July 18, 1893.
The 23rd Annual Communication of Grand Lodge was held at New Westminster on 21 June 1894 but neither M.W. Bro. Sibree Clarke nor the Immediate Past Grand Master, M.W. Bro. Downie, were able to attend owing to the flood on the Fraser River at that time. His term of office seems to have been uneventful, possibly due in great part to railway troubles. Two new lodges received their dispensations during his year of office, Nelson, afterwards No. 23 at Nelson, B.C. and United Services Lodge, afterwards No. 24, at Esquimalt, B.C.
Initiated : 9 January 1871
Demit: 10 April 1871
Wellington Lodge No. 46, Chatham, Ontario
Worshipful Master
Sydenham Lodge No. 255, Dresden, Ontario
Affiliated: 1886
Kamloops Lodge No. 10

Source: Robie L. Reid, Historical Notes and Biographical Sketches 1848 - 1935, p. 163; See also Wood, "G. L. Rept." Annual Procedings, 1937, p. 174, et seq.


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