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Andrew McCreight Creery
GRAND MASTER, 1922-1923
[Andrew Creery]
June 2, 1863 - February 14, 1942
M.W. Brother Creery was an Irishman by birth and a Canadian by adoption. He was a student in Trinity College, Dublin, from 1882 to 1886, and graduated there with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. The Canadian West beckoned to him and he came to Calgary, Alberta, where he entered the employ of Lafferty & Moore, investment bankers. He remained there until 1890, when he exchanged Calgary for Vancouver, and opened a branch of his Calgary firm here. Later, the business of Lafferty & Moore in Vancouver was taken over by the firm of Casement & Creery in which he was a partner, and was carried until 1896, when the firm ceased to carry on business. Since that time he was in business for himself as a real estate and insurance agent until his death.
He was one of the founders of St. Paul's Church in the west end of Vancouver, a member of the Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster for forty years, and for all that time was Diocesan Treasurer. He was elected many times to serve on the General Synod of Canada.
In 1924 he was elected member of the Provincial Legislature for the City of Vancouver, and served as such for one term.
Initiated : July 3, 1895
Passed : December 9, 1895
Raised : January 20, 1896
Cascade Lodge, No. 12
Charter member: 1908
Western Gate Lodge, No. 48
Honourary member, with full voting rights
Mount Lebanon Lodge, No. 72,
Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 102,
and Zenith Lodge, No. 104

Robie L. Reid, Annual Proceedings, Frank Sumner McKee (ed.). Vancouver : Grand Lodge of British Columbia, 1942. pp. 184-85.


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