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Alexander M. Manson
The Grand Master for 1925-26 was M. W. Bro. Alexander Macolm Manson (1) of Tyee Lodge, No. 66, at Prince Rupert, who had been Junior Grand Warden in 1922, Senior Grand Warden in 1923, and Deputy Grand Master in 1924. He was a young lawyer, born in the United States, although his mother came from Ontario, and his father, like the other families of that name well known in British Columbia, from the Orkney Islands. He had come direct from Osgoode Hall in Toronto where he had studied law and had become a member of the Ontario Bar. As soon as he had obtained his status he came to British Columbia, was admitted to the Bar here in July 1908 and began practice at Prince Rupert. He soon drifted into politics and in 1916 he was a candidate for a seat in the British Columbia Legislature; and his opponent, William Manson also hailed from the Orkneys,
This time Alec was not lucky for his brother Orkneyman was too much for him. But he did not take his defeat to heart. Soon after he was elected to the Legislature from Omenica, a seat he continued to represent without interruption until he was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court in 1935. He was, to a limited extent, a Freemason when he came to British Columbia, an Entered Apprentice in Orient Lodge, No. 339, in Toronto receiving that degree on June 2, 1908. The other Degrees were conferred on him in Tsimpsean Lodge, No. 53, at Prince Rupert. He was one of the Charter members of Tyee Lodge, No. 66 at that city, and was W.M. of that Lodge in 1914-15. He was D.D.G.M. for District No. 11 in 1916-17, appointed by Grand Master Astley. It was a nice District for there were then only the two Prince Rupert Lodges in it. He was interested in Enoch Lodge, No. 99 at Anyox, but it did not get underway until 1923 when he constituted it as proxy from Grand Master Tisdall. The Lodge returned the compliment by making him, in 1923, an Honorary Life Member.
His career as a member of the Legislature was most creditable. He was Deputy Speaker of the House during the years 1918 - 1919 and 1920, and 1921, Speaker and Attorney-General from 1922 to 1928, and Judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1935,
As Grand Master for 1925-6 he was diligent in carrying out his official duties, although he must have had many calls upon his time. As Grand Master he made fifty official visits to Lodges in various parts of the Province, some of which, of course would be attended by the members of more than one Lodge. During his term of office he issued dispensations for two Lodges, Centre Lodge at Williams Lake, and the other for Chemainus Lodge at Chemainus on Vancouver Island.
At the time he took office as Grand Master, an effort was being made to establish a Benevolent Fund for the benefit of all Grand Lodge members. He took a very active part in the movement and during his term of office the capital of the Fund was increased from $144,019.98 to $188,904,84, As Grand Master he constituted Nanaimo Lodge, No, 110, at Nanaimo, B. C. on June 27, 1925 and Gothic Lodge, No. 111, in South Vancouver, on July 22, 1925, and at the 55th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge on June 17, 1926 at Victoria. His address to Grand Lodge at this meeting is a very interesting one.
In his report to Grand Lodge we hear of a possible Lodge which never came into existence. On December 24, 1925 it appears that there was a Masonic Club at Mayo, Y.T. and the Grand Master directed that the Brethren of Yukon Lodge, No. 45 assist and guide the Brethren of Mayo in carrying on relief work.

(1) Alexander Malcolm Manson born in St, Louis, Missouri, October 7, 1883, son of Malcolm Manson and Katherine (Mactavish) Manson. Family came to Ontario in 1889. Educated at public school, Mosa township near Glencoe; Niagara Falls Collegiate; University of Toronto with first class honours. Studied law at Osgoode Hall 1905-1908. Called to Bar of Ontario June, 1908, to B.C. Bar, July, 1909. Practised at Prince Rupert 1908-1922, at Vancouver 1928-1935. Kings Counsel 1922, Liberal Candidate in Skeena Riding but unsuccessful in 1912. Elected in Omenica constituency in 1916, 1920, 1922 (acc). 1924, 1928, and 1933. Deputy Speaker, 1918, 1919, and 1920. Speaker 1921, Attorney General, 1922 to August 1928. Married Stella Beckwith at Vancouver June 29, 1909. Daughter of Henry Giles Beckwith and Lizzie (Adams) Beckwith of Montreal, later of Toronto.
Children, Malcolm Alexander Manson, born January 6, 1913, Katherine Marguerite Manson, born April 16, 1916 and Marion MacTavish Manson born August 19, 1923. Church affiliation, Presbyterian. Initiated in Orient Lodge No. 339, G.R.C. of Toronto, June 2, 1908. Passed in Tsimpsean Lodge, No. 58, G.R.B.C. April 14, 1910. Raised in same May 21, 1910. Affiliated with same Lodge January 5 1911. Charter member of Tyee Lodge, No, 66 at Prince Rupert, and W.M., 1914-15. D.D.G.M. District No. 11, 1916~17. J.G.W. 1922-3. S.G.W., 1923-24. D.G.M., 1924-25, and G.M. 1925-26. Honorary Life Member of Enoch Lodge, No. 99, and of Orient Lodge, No. 359, Toronto.
Representative of Grand Lodge of Queensland near Grand Lodge of British Columbia. Appointed Judge of Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1935.
Source : Historical Notes and Biographical Sketches 1848-1935, Robie L. Reid. Vancouver : Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon, 1945. pp 359-361


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