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Richard Eden Walker
[Richard Eden Walker]
Grand Lodge BC & Yukon photo.
December 26, 1864 - August 27, 1923
Born in Orillia, Simcoe County, Ontario, the son of James Walker (a Yorkshireman) and Helena (Corbould) Walker, Richard Eden Walker was educated at Trinity College, Port Hope, and studied medicine at Trinity Medical College Toronto. He took a two years post graduate course in Edinburgh and London then commenced to practice in New Westminster in 1890, and continued there until his death
His wife was Helen Homer, daughter of a well-known merchant and member for New Westminster in the House of Commons at Ottawa, Joshua A. R. Homer.
Soon after his taking up his residence in New Westminster he joined the lodge, and from that time on was an active participant in its affairs, eventually serving as Grand Master in 1899.
On 20 June 1900 he dedicated and consecrated the new Masonic Temple in New Westminster. His term of office was during the Boer War in South Africa and in his address to Grand Lodge in 1900 he advised the Grand Lodge to make a substantial donation to the Patriotic Fund.
Another question which arose during his term of office was the question of lodge incorporation under the laws of the province. He objected to this, as it would make the lodge so incorporated subject to the general law, and not alone to the Grand Master and Grand Lodge. There have been cases, he said, where incorporated lodges have instituted legal proceedings against their Grand Masters much to the scandal of Freemasonry. He considered that it would be sufficient to have lodge property in the name of trustees, elected annually or otherwise, by the lodge. This was approved by Grand Lodge, and has been acted on ever since.
M. W. Bro. Walker had the pleasure of welcoming four new Lodges, three in the mining districts and one on Vancouver Island: Ymir Lodge, No. 31 at Ymir, Fidelity Lodge, No. 32 at Trail, Temple Lodge, No. 33 at Duncan, and Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34, at Cranbrook.
Initiated: 17 September 1890
Passed: 8 October 1890
Raised: 15th November 1890
Union Lodge No. 9
Affiliated 20 May 1909
Lewis Lodge No. 57
Grand Master : 1899 - 1900

Source: Grand Lodge records,
Historical Notes and Biographical Sketches. Robie L. Reid. Vancouver: Grand Lodge of British Columbia, 1945. p. 217-18.


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