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Frederick McBain Young
[Frederick McBain Young]
Frederick McBain Young was born at English River, near Montreal, on 30 October 1863,the son of Rev. Alexander Young and Helen McBain. Educated at Queen's University,he studied law at Osgood Hall, and was admitted to the Bar of Ontario. He firstpractised at Grimsby, where he was initiated into Union Lodge No. 7. Widely reported as arriving in British Columbia in 1892, he is recorded as affiliating with Ashlar Lodge No. 3 in Nanaimo in the autumn of 1891. It was in Nanaimo that he renewed his law practice and it was here he married Mary Edith Glaholm. In 1905 he was appointed County Court Judge for the newly created County of Atlin, with headquarters at Atlin,removed in 1907 to Prince Rupert. Here he resided and carried on his judicial duties until 1933, when he retired from the bench on account of failing health.
A charter member of Doric Lodge No. 18, he held the office of Senior Warden in 1893-94 and that of Worshipful Master in 1894-95. In 1896, and again in 1897, he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District 5. In 1898, and again in 1899, he was elected Senior Grand Warden. In 1900 he was elected Deputy Grand Master and in 1901 he was elected Grand Master. He never held the office of Junior Grand Warden.
He laid the foundation stone for the Carnegie Library in Vancouver, and the Victoria High School. In his annual address he expressed his opinion that rededicating masonic buildings and foundation stones was unnecessary. He also ruled that there was no need to re-install any lodge officer who was continuing in office for a subsequent term. For his services to Freemasonry he was presented with a Past Grand Master jewel by the members of Ashlar Lodge and Doric Lodge.
He resided in Vancouver from the time of his retirement until his death on 31 May 1937. He was buried in the Nanaimo Cemetery on 2 June 1937, with all due masonic honours.
Union Lodge No. 7, Grimsby
Initiated: 20 November 1890
Passed: 25 December 1890
Raised: 22 January 1891
Demitted: 17 September 1892
Ashlar Lodge No. 3, Nanaimo
Affiliated: 9 September 1891
Doric Lodge No. 18, Nanaimo
Affiliated: 21 July 1893
Worshipful Master: 1894-1895
Atlinto Lodge No. 42, Atlin
Affiliated: 6 December 1906

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