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The Thin Blue Line
Det. Insp. Derek Grim is initiated into the "The Secret Most Noble Mediaeval Order of the Masonic Lodge Todgers" by the Chief Todger, played by Melvyn Hayes. [00:27:24]
Several earlier mentions are made to both the Freemasons and the Todgers:
Grim : "Constable Boyle. Would you mind if I held your hand for a while?
Boyle : "Eh?"
Grim : "Give me your hand. I want to hold it. And tease it with my forefinger."
Boyle : "Steady, sir."
Grim : "It's the secret handshake. I'm practicing."
Boyle : "Oh. I see. You joining the Masons?"
Grim : "No, they knocked me back last year. Said my knees were too nobbly. Bloody masons. Look after their own. Promote their own. Cover up for their own. Well, you can see why I wanted to join. Anyway, stuff the masons. I'm going one better. I'm joining the Todgers. The Secret Most Noble Mediaeval Order of the Masonic Lodge Todgers. Better costumes. Better ceremonies."
Boyle : "Better nepotism." [00:05:33]
Later, while discussing Sir Paul Condon's report on the police :
Habib "He withholds plenty, Sir. I expect he's got a rough idea how many bent coppers there are in the Met. How many freemasons. But he doesn't think the public needs to know about that. [00:10:20]
When Grim announces that the Chief Todger of his lodge is coming to visit him, Fowler replies:
Fowler : "Well, I strongly disapprove of secret socities, Grim. If a man cannot be proud of his allegiances and state them openly than I fear they must be of questionable value. You do not find me concealing my membership of Gasforth Amateur Dramatics Society behind silly movements and trousers at half mast." [00:22;10]
Episode 10 opens with Grim complaining that Fowler had rejected a firearms permit application from the Chief Todger of his lodge.
Note that "todger" is British slang for male genitelia or a disliked person, equivalent to the American expression, "dick".

The Thin Blue Line, "Ism Ism Ism". Directed by John Birkin, written by Ben Elton. Rowan Atkinson as Insp. Raymond C. Fowler, Mina Anwar as Const. Maggie Habib, David Haig as Det. Insp. Derek Grim, Mark Addy as DC Gary Boyle, James Dreyfus, Serena Evans, Rudolph Walker, Kevin Allen. 30 min (14 episodes). UK, English. Colour, Stereo. Episode: 9, Season: 2 [1996/11/21)


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