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Enlarged image of a masonic watch fob.
Bones (2008)
Tyler: "This spinner appears to be masonic in origin. Bloodstone gold. But what is interesting is, in the centre, instead of the traditional G for God, there's a skull."
Brennan: "Gormogon iconography."
Tyler: "Strange, huh? Been seein' a lot of that in here."
Booth: "Gormogons? Okay, what's that?"
Brennan: "It's an eighteenth century...."
Tyler: "It's an extinct group dedicated to irradicating the influence of the freemasons. And the Illuminati in Europe in the eighteenth century. That could be the largest collection of Gormogon artifacts in the world." [00:09:20]
There are three errors here. First, the use of the letter G to represent God is historically suspect. This point is of little interest other than to freemasons. Second, there is nothing documented to suggest that the Gormogons made use of a skull inside a square and compasses emblem. More importantly, ascribing any historical importance or longevity to the Gormogons — a short-lived early-eighteenth century attempt to burlesque Freemasonry — is insupportable.
This may be a good time to remember that this is a work of fiction, and scriptwriters cannot be held accountable to any level of academic rigor or historical accuracy. What is frustrating is the appearance of such errors in a television series promoting itself as presenting a certain scientific accuracy. In this context, the casual viewer can only be negatively influenced about Freemasonry.
The Master Mason tracing board is seen again at [00:23:54]. Note that the tracing boards, having been relocated from the vault to the evidence room, switch positions since episode one, possibly to provide a framing shot of the square and compasses.

Bones "Intern in the Incinerator" (2007) Directed by Jeff Woolnough, written by Hart Hanson, Kathy Reichs. Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, Eric Millegan, Tamara Taylor, T.J. Thyne, Xander Berkeley, Terrell Tilford, Scott Rinker, Tom Virtue, Rochelle Aytes, Sam Jones III, David Greenman, E.E. Bell, J.R. Nutt. USA, English, Colour. 6 November 2007 (Season 3, Episode 6)


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