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Bones (2007)
Season three of FOX television's police drama Bones contains a multi-episode story arc about a cannibalistic serial killer, introduced in the season premier, "The Widow's Son in the Windshield".
Masonic images or references appear in four episodes.
"The Widow's Son in the Windshield" 25 September 2007 (Episode 1)
"Intern in the Incinerator" 6 November 2007 (Episode 6)
"The Knight on the Grid" 20 November 2007 (Episode 8)
"The Pain in the Heart" 19 May 2008 (Episode 15)
A principal character, Dr. Hodgins, is noted for promoting conspiracy theories but the scriptwriters' grasp of historical facts is particularly weak. Specific errors are noted through the above links.
It is also noteworthy that the author of Fox's website took some liberty in playing up the masonic angle. When Booth and Brennan enter the bank vault two masonic tracing boards are briefly visible in the background of the cluttered room. No mention is made of them in the episode, yet the scene is described as: "Booth and Brennan enter the vault to find a steel labyrinth full of Masonic artifacts."
There is also a noteworthy reversal. In the episode the skeleton's position is described as representing sacrifice and as a posture later found in masonic symbolism as the widow's son, yet the website's author reverses this description to: "The skeleton was deliberately posed in the "Widow's Son" position, a stance that holds deep roots in many secret societies, including the Freemasons. For the Free Masons, it represents sacrifice."
Under the thin veneer of fiction, the contextual misrepresentations of Freemasonry place this story in the catagory of anti-masonry.

Bones (Season 3) Created by Hart Hanson for Fox Television. Executive producers Hart Hanson, Barry Josephson and Stephen Nathan. Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, Eric Millegan, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor, Jonathan Adams. 43 min USA, English | Spanish, Colour. See www.fox.com. Also see masonictraveler.blogspot.com.


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