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The lodge hall. Curious symbols. A "ritual masonic dagger". Practicing the ritual.
Midsomer Mysteries
Although Detective Constable Ben Jones was first introduced in Episodes 44 "The House in the Woods", it wasn't until Episode 57 in season 10, "King's Crystal" that he was identified as a freemason. Unremarked, he exchanges a faux masonic handshake with Charles King when they first meet. [00:22:20] Later, when Jones returns to his office and hands Barnaby a file folder, he reports:
"Charles King. He's Mister Clean. Not even a speeding ticket. Director of several companies, spotless credit check. He's divorced and recently remarried."
Barnaby: "And he's a mason."
Jones: "You spotted the handshake."
Barnaby: "Yes, I did." [00:25:00]
Jones: "I think I should tell you I once was a member of the masons."
Barnaby: ""Were you?"
Jones: "Yes sir, Causton Lodge. Thought it might help with my promotion."
Barnaby: "You never know. Policemen, masons, there's always the perception of divided loyalty, isn't there? "But your masonic membership may come in useful in this one."
Jones: "If it takes us there, fine by me."

Later, when the murder weapon is found, Jones identifies it.
Jones: "That's a masonic ceremonial daggar. See the symbol, there? Set square and compass." [00:32:18]
Jones: "J-O-B. It stands for Jahwah, Osirus and Baal. They are the ineffable trinity of masonic gods." [00:34:30]
Later, Charles King also identifies the dagger: "It's a poinard. A replica of our ceremonial dagger. Every apprentice in the Midsomer Lodges receives one, on being entered." [00:36:00]

Among numerous references, the following stand out:
Charles King: "Peter didn't go out of his way to be popular, but he was fair and on the square with everybody." [00:23:20]
Jack King opens a leather case and explains: "My father's masonic regalia," to which his friend replies: "Ah, one of the secret squirrels, was he?" [00:32:50]
Barnaby: "The masons may not be a secret society, but they are certainly a society with secrets." [00:35:00]
Jones: "Sorry to disturb you, Mr. King, but you may be able to help me, if we can speak on the square?" [00:36:00]

In a moment of perhaps unintentional humour, James Taylor is noted to work for "Monumental Masons". [00:23:40]

In the episode's closing scene, after Charles King has been identified as the murderer of both his brother and his nephew, Jones presents Barnaby with his own masonic dagger:

Jones: "It's the one I got when I joined the lodge. No use to me now. The brotherhood have me down as a traitor." Barnaby: "They slice out traitor's tongues, don't they? And bury them at low tide, I believe."

Midsomer Murders, "King's Crystal", 26 January 2007 (Season 10, Episode 3). Written by Steve Trafford. Directed by Peter Smith. John Nettles, Jason Hughes, John Castle, Tony Haygarth, Laura Howard, Barry Jackson, Ray Lonnen, Susan Tracy, Jane Wymark, Joseph Rye, Sam Heughan, Flora Montgomery, Tim Delap, David Henry, Hugh Sachs. 90 min. UK, English, Colour, Dolby.


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