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None of the references on this page are particularly masonic. What they do, in the main, is point out the popular view of fraternal organizations as the object of ridicule.
Fictional fraternities on TV
Beavers. Newhart (CBS : 1982-90). Dick Loudon (Bob Newhart), was an unwilling member in a club that required new members to wear a beaver tail off the back of their pants.
Benevolent Order of the Bison Lodge. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (CBS : 1959-63). Stingy grocery store owner Herbert T. Gillis (Frank Faylen) was a member.
Brooklyn Patriots. Life of Riley (NBC : 1949-58). Chester A. Riley (Jackie Gleason/William Bendix), an aircraft worker living in Los Angeles, and his neighbor Jim Gillis (Sid Tomack/Tom D'Andrea) were members.
Brotherhood Club. Car 54, Where are You? (NBC : 1961-63). Police officer Gunther Toody (Joe E. Ross) and his partner, Francis Muldoon (Fred Gwynne) from 53rd Precinct in the Bronx were members.
Brothers of the Forest Lodge 202 The Ant and the Aardvark (NBC : September 27, 1970: Season 1, Episode 13 on The Pink Panther Show) The Ant’s lodge brothers come to his rescue and ruin the Aardvark’s plans. [00:00:40] Mirisch-DePatie-Freleng Productions, United Artists (theatrical release). Voices: John Byner. Directed by Art Davis, produced by David H. DePatie, Friz Freleng, written by John W. Dunn.
Loyal Order of Caribou Lodge. Blondie (NBC : 1957 ; CBS : 1968-69). Dagwood Bumstead (Arthur Lake/Will Hutchins), and his boss Mr. J. C. Dithers (Florenz Ames/Jim Backus) were members.
Cobra Lodge. Mama’s Family (NBC/SYN : 1983-1990). Locksmith Vinton Harper (Ken Berry) joined the lodge. Those who violated the Cobra oath were hissed out of the organization along with the chant "He’s not fit to be a snake/Chop him up with hoe and rake/Known to all as a disgrace/May the mongoose chew your face." Their secret handshake resembled a weaving, hissing cobra snake. The Cobra’s highest ranking officer was the Grand Viper.
Delta Gamma. Happy Days (ABC : 1974-84). Richard "Richie" Cunningham (Ron Howard) became a member of this University of Wisconsin fraternity.
Delta House. Delta House (ABC : 1979). Faber College, Pennsylvania, fraternity. Based on the movie National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) starring John Belushi and Tim Matheson.
Fraternal Order of the Bass. Laverne and Shirley (ABC : 1976-83). Lenny Kosnoski (Michael McKean) and Andrew "Squiggy" Squigman (David L. Lander), two brewery truck drivers, were members.
Glorious Guardians of Good. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (SYN : 1976-77). Automobile assembly line worker Tom Hartman (Greg Mullavey) was a member. The head of the lodge was the Keeper of the Keys, also known as "Massah".
International Possum Brotherhood, Chapter 11. Red Green (1990- ) Red Green (Steve Smith) ran a hunting lodge called Possom Lodge. Their motto was Quondo Omni Flunkus Moritati (When all else fails, play dead.)
Kings of Queens. All in the Family (CBS : 1971-78). Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Connor), a loading dock foreman, was a member. The head of the New York brotherhood was called the Grand Potentate. All members received prepaid burial insurance after twenty years. Their lodge hat was a golden fez with blood red lining. The lodge phone number was 555-4378.
Knights Of The Scimitar. Cheers (NBC : 1982-93). Clifford Claven (John Ratzenberger) was a member of this alcohol-free lodge.
Leopard Lodge. Happy Days (ABC : 1974-84). Milwaukee hardware store owner Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley) was a Grand Poobah of Leopard Lodge No. 462. The lodge regalia was a leopard skin covered fez with a red top and black tassel.
Loyal Order of Dinosaurs. Hot Lips Hannigan (ABC : 1960). Before Fred Flintstone an Barney Rubble belonged to the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes they were members of the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs.
Loyal Order of Water Buffalos. The Flintstones (ABC : 1960-66). First called the "Loyal Order of Dinosaurs," members included Fred Flintstone (voice of Alan Reed) and Barney Rubble (voice of Mel Blanc). Lead by the Grand Pooh-Bah, their headdress was a large furry hat with a set of horns and the password was "Ack, Ack, A-Dak."
Mallard Lodge. Step by Step (ABC : 1991-98). Construction company owner, Frank Lambert (Patrick Duffy) was a member.
Moron Union. The Three Stooges. Larry, Moe and Curly Joe belonged to the Moron Union whose theme song was: "We are Morons, through and through, Let us sing our song for you....'
Mystic Knights of the Sea. The Amos 'n' Andy Show (CBS : 1951-53). Amos Jones (Alvin Chidress), Andrew "Andy" Brown (Spencer Williams) were members; George Stevens (Tim Moore) was the lodge’s head "Kingfish".
Mystic Order of Whelks. Wodehouse Playhouse Annabel Purvis refers to her uncle, Joe Boffin: "This is a photo of him taken in the regalia of a Grand Exalted Periwinkle of the Mystic Order of Whelks." [00:30:50] Episode 3 : "Romance at Droitgate Spa". First broadcast 1975/04/30.
National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood. Married with Children (FOX : 1987-97). Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) was a member of this misogynist fraternity.
Raccoons. The Honeymooners (CBS : 1955-56). Bus driver Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) and sewer worker Ed Norton (Art Carney) were members
Regal Order of the Golden Door to Good Fellowship. The Andy Griffith Show (CBS : 1960-68). Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and his deputy Barney Fife (Don Knotts) were members. The group’s password was "Geronimo."
Royal Order of Camels. Petticoat Junction (CBS : 1963-70). Uncle Joe Carson (Edgar Buchanan), grocery store owner Sam Drucker (Frank Cady), and two railroad engineers Floyd Smoot (Rufe Davis) and Charley Pratt (Smiley Burnette) were members.
Royal Order of the Mystic Nile Lodge. The Real McCoys (ABC/CBS : 1957-63). Former West Virginian farmer Grandpa McCoy (Walter Brennan) was a member.
Sacred Order of the Stonecutters. The Simpsons (FOX : 1989+). Homer Simpson was elected the group’s supreme leader.
Scorpions. Dennis the Menace (CBS : 1959-63). Dennis Mitchell (Jay North) tried to join a club of older boys called the Scorpion Club, later forming his own club called the "Buzzards" with members more his own age. His father, Henry is once referred to as a "32nd degree mason".
Seals. The Dick Van Dyke Show (9 March 1966) A fez-wearing fraternity whose recognition sign involves barking like seal while clapping the backs of the hands together. Rob Petrie meets them at a convention in season 5, episode 149 : "Bad Reception in Albany". [00:08:00]
Secret Order of the Beavers. One Day at a Time (CBS : 1975-84). Apartment superintendent Dwayne F. Schneider (Pat Harrington, Jr.) headed the activities and entertainment committee for the North Central Chapter of the Secret Order of Beavers.
Smiling Sons of the Friendly Shlllelaghs. The Jackie Gleason Show (CBS : 1962-66). Crazy Guggenheim (Frank Fontaine) mentions this fraternity in the "Joe The Bartender" sketches.
Sons of the Tundra. Northern Exposure (CBS : 1990-95). The members of this "Men’s Only Club,", called Fraters, hosted an annual dinner that distributed toys.
Stonecutters. Simpsons (Fox : 1990+). Homer Simpson is initiated into this fraternity in Episode 2F09: Homer the Great.
Wildebeests. The Drew Carey Show (ABC : 1995+). Drew’s father, George is a member of what is revealed to be a group of bigots. (Episode 11 "The Electron Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree")

See tvacres.com/fraternal_orgs.htm for more information [2004/03/28].


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