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Spallumcheen Lodge No. 13, Lansdowne, 1890.
Freemasonry in Canada

1606 The so-called Masonic Stone of 1606 was discovered near the settlement of Port Royal, Nova Scotia, in 1827.
1634 First record of a freemason in Canada, then known as New France:
Lord Alexander, Viscount Canada, son of the first Earl of Stirling, Scotland, Master of Work to King Charles I, founded a colony of Scots on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Lord Alexander was a member of Edinburgh Lodge No. 1 at Mary’s Chapel, which has records dating from 1599 and — tradition maintains — was in existence in 1491.
1738 First masonic lodge in Canada is instituted at Annapolis, Nova Scotia. The oldest extant lodge in Canada, St. Andrew's Lodge in Halifax, now No. 1 under the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, was warranted on 17 July 1750.
1843 Fort Victoria is established to bolster Britain’s claim to Vancouver’s Island.
1854 October 25th. Lieutenant Alexander Dunn is awarded the Victoria Cross for saving the lives of two men during the famous Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava. Dunn, a freemason, is the first Canadian to be awarded the Victoria Cross.
1858 July 10th. A Victoria newspaper ad calls all interested freemasons to a meeting with the object of forming a masonic lodge in Victoria. The publisher of the paper is Amor de Cosmos, a freemason who would later become the second premier of the province of British Columbia.
1859 September 7th. The first masonic funeral in the Colony was held for Samuel Hazeltine, Government Steamboat Inspector, who died from injuries received in a marine accident at Victoria.
1860 Victoria Lodge No. 1085, is formally constituted in Victoria, in the colony of Vancouver’s Island. Robert Burnaby, for whom Burnaby, B.C. is named, installs the first officers. Russian born John Malowansky, a Victoria news agent and tobacconist, is the first person to be made a freemason in the colonies.
1862 Thomas Harris, a freemason, is elected the first mayor of Victoria.
1867 The Dominion of Canada is established on July 1st. Freemason Sir John A. Macdonald becomes Canada’s first Prime Minister.
1871 United Colony of British Columbia joins Confederation and becomes the Province of British Columbia.
October 21st. The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of British Columbia is founded in Victoria, British Columbia. The Grand Lodge is consecrated and dedicated on December 26th, 1871. Israel Wood Powell is the first Grand Master while Robert Burnaby becomes the first Past Grand Master.
November 13th. John Foster McCreight, the first Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia, becomes the first premier of the Province of British Columbia.
Israel Wood Powell, for whom Powell River, B.C. and Powell Street in Vancouver are named, refused the offer to become the first Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia and becomes the first Superintendent of Indian Affairs.
Freemason John Jessop becomes the first Superintendent of Education.

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